Churches in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf Region
Churches in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf Region
Today there are 12 churches in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf region In Saudi Arabia, four churches have been raised up in four localities for the Lord's testimony; in Riyadh (where 90 saints regularly meet), in Al-Khobar (25 saints), in Dammam (20 saints), and in Tabuk (10 saints), with small group meetings in two other cities of Jeddah (10 saints) and Jubail (10 saints). In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), three churches are breaking bread every week in three cities, Abu Dhabi (25 saints), Sharjah (40 saints), and Al-Ain (10 saints). In Qalar, three churches have been established so far in three localities; Doha. Al-Khor and Ras Laffan, where a total of 27 saints meet regularly While two other churches meet at Lord's Table meeting in the countries of Oman (Muscat) and Kuwait, there are also a number of saints in Bahrain who meets for fellowship whenever their work schedules permit.
The churches in the Gulf began through the migration of saints from other countries to this region for business or work (e.g. from India. China, Japan. Indonesia. Philippines. Malaysia. Singapore. New Zealand. and the USA). Today, around 60% of the saints come from the Philippines, 30% from India and 10% from other countries. The first Lords Table meeting in this region began in June 1995 in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) in the home of a brother from India In October 2004, the first Lord's Table meeting In Saudi Arabia was held in Al-Khobar (shortly after in February 2006, the saints in Riyach held theirs) This was followed by Oman and Qatar in 2006. and in 2009 the Lord s testimony in Kuwait was also established. Most of the churches usually meet on Fridays (the weekend holiday in most Arab countries) for the Lord's Table meetings. They also meet during various days of the week for corporate prayer, small group fellowship, and perfecting meetings. Some of the churches hold Children's meetings in parallel with the Mute' prophesying meetings. In addition to regular meetings, there is constant fellowship and mutual prayer among the churches in this region and there have been regional blending conferences such as in December 2008, which was attended by saints from Saudi Arabia. Oman, Qatar, India. New Zealand and Malaysia various local conferences and trainings are also held during holidays.
Materials for prophesying and other meetings such as Bibles. HWMR, and other LSM publications are normally brought in by the saints traveling from the churches with which they are in fellowship or via on-line transmission. The Inflow of Bibles and other Christian books and materials are still not welcome in the region and discretion must be exercised with caution when the saints bring in such materials. However, Bible for personal use is generally allowed, except In rare situations Preaching the gospel to local people (who are mostly Muslin) Is legal. In spite of the constraints in various degrees in their respective localities, the saints are joyful in the Lord's presence and serving with gladness for the needs of His church for the spread of His kingdom all over the earth.
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