Mongolia Gospel Trip Testimony

In the last 6 days (Aug 6-11), several of the overseas saints came to Mongolia to labor together with the local saints in the furtherance of the gospel to 4 cities.

Overseas saints: Paul Wu, Gilbert Chang, Peter Kao, Paul & Conwen Lee, Sean Lee (their son), Jennifer Pan, Clement.

We began with desperate prayers even with fasting on Aug 5. We then went to contact people in UB (Ulaan Baatar) and had gospel meetings. We went to the streets with some of the local saints so they can try to translate for us. Other groups of local saints went by themselves to seek for the sons of peace. On Aug 8, we split into two teams (around 7 local saints went with each team). One team went to Erdenet (second largest city) and Darkhan (third largest city). The other went to Shanshand (desert city near Inner Mongolia). Both teams then came back to UB on Aug 10. Although our initial goal was 50 baptisms, we were helped in fellowship to double the goal to 100. Although at first, we were all somewhat uneasy as we did not know how the response would be. Before this time, the local saints have gained only a few at a time for the last several years.

We witnessed that through prayer and coordination in one accord, the Lord gained 99 baptisms. I believe we didn't get 100 as the Lord didn't want us to be proud. Still, it was amazing to see how the Lord moved and led us in all these cities. We saw professionals being saved and baptized. Over half were young people (high schoolers or college students). The more we prayed and preached, the more the local Mongolians were open and submissive to the Lord's calling. One of the highlights was the baptisms of more than 30 new ones at the river running through UB on 4 different occasions. As we stood in the water and on shore, we saw these new believers being put into the Triune God, Christ, the death of Christ and the Body of Christ. It was a glorious sight to behold.

On the last evening, we fellowshipped with the local saints concerning the need to take are of the 99 new ones through the RSG groups.  There were strong prayers offered in two aspects: nourishing the 99 new ones and for the local saints in the 4 cities to rise up and function organically in the shepherding of these ones. I saw the final name list at lunch time today. The saints will pray and fellowship so that both the new ones gained in UB (51) and in the other 3 cities (48) will be properly cared for.

Overall, we can testify that both local as well as overseas saints are greatly rejoicing in the Lord and thanking the Lord for this gospel harvest. Surely as the Lord of the harvest, He gave us the opportunity to participate in His move for His building. We look to Him to continue to thrust out more laborers to preach the gospel and shepherd the new ones according to the God ordained way. May the Lord gain all the glory!

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